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From our Japanese Beef to our succulent Salt bush lamb, Fresh or Frozen products, we only work with the very best quality.
For you as a consumer, accessibility is key. We can provide you with simple access to the very best quality meat form the comfort of your own home. Just click, click, click and cook.
Beautiful meat cooked with love brings people together like nothing else. We only work with trustworthy farmers and producers. All our products are GMO and Antibiotic free.
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Delivers high quality food products in the Middle East, Maldives as well as to your home in the UAE.

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Weekly special
285 AED
The Phoenix Wagyu is hand-picked from Australia's finest wagyu herds and is produced by Mort & Co, who runs one of Australia's largest feed lot near Brisbane. The Wagyu cattle is raised on specially formulated grain-fed diets for slow maturation. are grain-fed and their diets include specially formulated meals. The Phoenix ribeye is rich, tender, juicy and full-flavored, with generous marbling throughout. This cut comes from the rib area of the animal, hence the “rib” portion of its name.
High end Little Joe Striploin
35 AED
"Little Joe Black Angus marble score 4+ is naturally raised by accredited farmers in Southern Australia. The cattle is raised in a free range environment and fed only a pure grass diet. With Little Joe, JBS has created a marble score 4+, which previously was thought to be impossible to achieve from grass fed cattle. This cut has a superb grass-fed taste. The Striploin is the source of the famous New York strip, one of the most highly prized steak cuts. Best cooked on a pan or BBQ after bring the meat to room temperature.
75 AED
Every cut of Carrara Wagyu meets exactly standards. That is how we consistently deliver on our promise of genetic mastery and culinary excellence with every piece we put our name to. Decadence has arrived.