Phoenix  Tenderloin

Phoenix Tenderloin

475 AED

Wagyu Marble Tenderloin MB 4-5

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The Phoenix Wagyu is hand-picked from Australia's finest wagyu herds and is produced by Mort & Co, who runs one of Australia's largest feed lot near Brisbane. The Wagyu cattle is raised on specially formulated grain fed diets for slow maturation. The F1-F4 cattle are grain fed 350-400 days and their diets include specially formulated meals. The Phoenix Wagyu Tenderloin is by far, the most tender muscle in the animal. Because of its uniform, small size, it's extremely easy to sear and finish in your oven to a perfect temperature. Tenderloin, also called the filet, is a source of various famous recipes including filet mignon, carpaccio, Chateaubriand and Stroganoff.

  • Country: Queensland, Australia
  • Independently Verified and Certified
  • No Added Hormones
  • Free from Antibiotics
  • Healthy
  • Halal Accredited

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