Mort & Co

Mort & Co. is a family owned business, an Australian cattle lot feeding, management and marketing business priding itself on producing a consistent supply of quality product for domestic and export beef markets.

Grandchester marbled beef only includes selected livestock breeds that are raised, fed and certified to both meet European Union requirements and provide a unique eating experience.

Grandchester is grain fed up to 200 days on an exclusive Mort & Co slow cooked 100% hormone free cereal ration.

Livestock selection includes “heritage breeds” including old Angus, Shorthorn and Speckle Park pedigree cattle to deliver impeccable marbling and tenderness with an “old world flavour”.

The Phoenix name has been reserved for the highest quality F1-F4 Marbled Wagyu beef.

Taking its name from the Mort family crest, our award-winning Phoenix Wagyu beef will exceed the standards of any discerning consumer’s palate.

Sourced from some of Australia’s finest Wagyu herds, the cattle are raised in lush and pristine pastures before spending a minimum of 365 days on grain at our world-class feedlots.

Delivering a rich, soft and delicate Wagyu beef taste, The Phoenix lures diners from around the world to return for an unforgettable culinary experience.