Hokkaido Japanese Wagyu Beef

Hokkaido Japanese Wagyu Beef


Hokkaido Japanese Wagyu Beef is 100% pure blood, Japanese Black Genetics, Grade A5 Marble Score 9+, 10+, and Certified Halal. The cattle are raised with extreme care in an environment surrounded by nature and water. The fresh air, water, high quality feeds, and loving care makes the quality of the beef so high. This meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity.


The WAGYU has been carefully selected by experts to ensure the highest quality and a unique experience for the customers.


To distinguish true Wagyu raised in Japan, the Wagyu Japanese Beef logo is used. It was decided upon by the Japan Livestock Industry Association and is affixed on Wagyu that was born and raised in Japan when being exported. Check for this logo as a way to verify the high quality of meat when ordering Japanese Wagyu.


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