How to cook Pumpkin Turkey Soup


Halve, peel, and scrape out seeds of the pumpkin. Сhop leeks, cut the pear. In a heavy soup pot, heat oil. Add leeks, pear, nutmeg, salt and pepper, then pumpkin chunks and water (or broth) to the pot. Cover the pot and cook until pumpkin is fork-tender, about 30 mins.
Meanwhile, cut Turkey breast, heat oil in the pan, add thyme, nutmeg, and Turkey, season it and cook for 5 mins. When the pumpkin is ready, blend the mixture until smooth, add sugar and saffron, stir in cream, and season to taste. Serve with Turkey, pumpkin seeds, pear, basil leaves and cream.
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1 pumpkin (appx. 1 kilo)
1-2 pears
1 bunch leek
1 tbs nutmeg
Turkey breast fillet (appx. 700 g). Order online from dxbbq.com
1 cup cream (or coconut milk)
1-2 sprigs thyme
¼ cup green pumpkin seeds
1tbs saffron
1tbs sugar
Salt, pepper