About Us
DXBBQ is Suma Gourmet’s B2C platform. We are proud to be the premier supplier and distributor of
Wagyu and Black Angus beef in the region. We supply beef to most of to the best restaurants and hotels
in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Now we are delighted to bring this exclusive experience directly to your home
and BBQ grill. We have also partnered up with some of the most respected halal producers in the world
to enhance your dining experience.
DXBBQ, we source our Japanese Full blood A5 Wagyu beef from Hokkaido. In Australia, we are working
with JBS, Mort & Co and Kilcoy for beef and with Bultarra Saltbush lamb. In our Australian portfolio is
Mort & Co. who are one of the biggest producers of 100% certified Black Angus and Wagyu in Australia.
As a family run company Mort and Co have their own pastures. We also work with Kilcoy and the Wagyu
brand Carrara. Kilcoy has one of the largest slaughterhouse operations in Australia. This ensures the
highest level of source control. Simply put, DXBBQ is your Farm to plate solution.
Our fantastically flavoured free-range Lamb comes from the Salt Bush grasslands of Australia. The
remote saltbush grazing country in Australia is arguably becoming the best premium lamb producing
region in the world. Now you can enjoy this unique flavour in your home.
For Turkey meat DXBBQ works with AC Damate. Damate are the largest Turkey producer in Russia and
the third largest in Europe, guaranteeing an antibiotic free, hormone free, clean source of protein
2020 will be a very exciting year for DXBBQ It is as our aim is to bring all these fantastic delights into
your home and grill! DXBBQ is perfection delivered.